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What is an MES system?

What is an MES system? The definition of a MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) is that of a software that acts as a control and monitoring system of information for the management of production processes in industrial environments.

MES - Manufacturing Execution Software
Monitor Real Time

Its core functions are to connect, monitor, and control complex manufacturing systems and track production data in real time.

The main objective of an MES is to ensure the effective execution of the manufacturing operations of the production plant, to optimize the production performance and to improve the quality of the final product.

Optimize Production

Our part

We study, analyze and detect problems in your MES software.

In this way, we prepare a specific solution for each problem that comes our way, delivering a proposal to deal with each of them.

Analize MES Software

We create new dynamic reports of all kinds,
we simplify your production data to focus only on what is important

We created new mobile applications,
keep track of KPIs in real time to follow your production anywhere

Mobile Applications
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We also provide support for your MES software and our applications so you don't have to worry about anything.

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Working with manufacturing companies since 2003


45 people staff, with over 200 year combined expirence in manufacturing and software


Customer recognized technical and bussiness process leader


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Data warehouse and Data Marts developemnt

"I founded Arido Software in 2007, after been working several years by my own in the MES Area for the world greatest manufacturing goods company supporting and implementing GE Proficy Plant Applications, Proficy iHistorian and Profcy Real Time Information Portal. Developing and transferring skills to a small team in the beginnings was very challenging but that makes the foundation of our company today, where high skills and a deep understanding of what is needed in the plant floor makes the difference."

Fernando Rio - Arido Software President